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What does a Spanish property have to offer?

The Mediterranean coast of Spain has been called the California of Europe, with it's guaranteed sunshine, open beaches and boulevards, and friendly welcoming people.

Property appreciation over the last 20 years has been faster in Spain than anywhere else in the world (article in The Economist) but in the current recession Costa Blanca property prices have returned to a more reasonable level and it can't be easier or more convenient to get a flight here. Where else can you combine plentiful, well priced restaurants with fine food and wine, reliable and fairly priced local tradesmen, a relaxed lifestyle, and all the services you would expect in a modern European country that sets out to enjoy life.

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Buying Spanish property is buying a lifestyle that is difficult to match, so why not discover for yourself why thousands of visitors from the cold and wet of northern europe choose to buy Costa Blanca property and settle here every year.

Where in Spain?

Like any big country, Spain has different regions, climates and even languages, that make for wonderful tourism. It has large international cities like Madrid or Barcelona, Pyrenean villages with fine skiing or the miles of empty beaches bordering the Mediterranean on the northern Costa Blanca.

This is where we are based, in Calpe, a lively town beside the sea, in the centre of the northern Costa Blanca and with easy access to the other Costa Blanca towns, or to Alicante airport ( 80 km by motorway ) and to the dramatic mountainous interior that is just on our doorstep.

From the investment point of view, Costa Blanca property has had its ups and downs but over the long run, more people from northern Europe decide every year to take up residence on the Mediterranean giving a regular demand for Costa Blanca villas and apartments. And of course the residents of Madrid have always known about the Costa Blanca and traditionally buy beachfront apartments and villas to enjoy the cooler summer sea breezes.

Buying Property on the Costa Blanca

Foreign residents only started arriving on the Costa Blanca in any numbers in the 1960's and it's true to say that in those days it was an adventure with narrow potholed roads, no telephones, risky Seat 600's and doubtful rustic land titles.

However, move forward to the new millennium and you can see for yourself the newest most un congested roads in Europe, broadband internet installed on demand, complete mobile phone coverage, international airports, perfect beaches and every modern convenience you could wish for at good prices and with friendly low cost service. Land titles also work now and an effective guaranteed and streamlined system of buying Costa Blanca property is based on the notary and registry offices that exist en every town.

Security of Title for your Costa Blanca Property

The notary is a special class of lawyer who is also a representative of the Spanish government. He/she reads and witnesses the signing of your title deed. They check the identities of the buyers and sellers, inform the buyers if there are any debts on the property and ask the sellers if they have been paid. Only then, if everyone is in agreement will they and both parties sign the Deed of Sale (Escritura de Compraventa). You pay for your property on signature of this deed and your lawyer or A.P.I. agent will already have duplicated the notary's checks to ensure that the property is debt free. It's a straightforward procedure.

Finding your Costa Blanca Villa or Apartment

Once you have your budget, keep in mind that this will need to cover the cost of the property plus the purchase costs of about 9-10% to give you your all inclusive price. If you buy with a mortgage it will need to cover the initial payment (now usually 50% of the purchase price) and you need to be able to comfortably meet the monthly payments.

As with anywhere, you get what you pay for, but all properties here share the wonderful climate and you do spend much more time out of doors. Good advice would be to check a website like www.inmocostablanca.com prior to arriving in Spain and make a list of properties to make the best use of your viewing time.

Checking a Costa Blanca property

Physical Checks: Most Costa Blanca villas are solidly built, but to be extra sure; 1) check that there are no major cracks that are moving, 2) check that there is no unusual humidity, 3) check that it is not situated in or near the bottom of a dry (for the moment) valley. It's also useful if the terrace is not facing due north as it's very nice to catch the winter sun. For more information on surveys and valuations click here.

Legal Checks: These are done for you by an A.P.I. property agent (the only government licensed ones in Spain) or by a Spanish lawyer and both are equally willing to draw up the necessary contracts, set up bank accounts, translate, accompany you for N.I.E. numbers, notary appointments and change bills to your name.

That's more or less it. So take a few precautions and you can enjoy a straightforward trouble free purchase and make the most of your new Spanish home!